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“From 1974-1980 Bonnie Sherk
spent all her energies founding
and directing what is the Farm
the most ambitious and successful
work of ecological art in the
country. Because of The Farm’s
scope it is impossible to
summarize, but its most
interesting aspect is its fusion of
art with other functions. Sherk is
concerned to integrate the human
creative process – art – with those
of other life forms. She is
fundamentally a visionary, albeit
an earthy and practical one who
manages to found and maintain
this huge-budget near fantasy.
The Farm itself looks like the real
thing; it has none of the antiseptic

sweetness of fake farms in zoos –
it smells of manure and mud.
The garden or park is a
potent metaphor for public
art. Both imply continuity, an
overlay of past on present, or
of cyclical stability on growth and
variety – with memory as compost.”

From: Gardens – Some Metaphors for a
Public Art

Lucy Lippard, Art in America 1981
Institute of Contemporary Art, London Catalog 1980
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