A LIVING LIBRARY is a hands-on learning
connection to the cycle of life investigating and respecting natural systems, A LIVING LIBRARY empowers growing ideas, changing assumptions, developing new practices,
re-invigorating the imagination & transforming
the environment.



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Schematic View through Multimedia Digital Gateway into one of many Multicultural Gardens proposed to revitalize the Civic Center of San Francisco. The Assyrian Garden displays the Mesopotamian culture - past, present & future with art, horticulture & new media. The Gateway with flat panel display is designed to incorporate live feed, archival & interactive programs. The statue honors King Ashurbanipal, founder of the first library, holding a clay tablet written in Cuneiform language. This Garden is filled with symbolic plantings such as reeds used to write onto wet clay tablets, lotus blossoms representing "eternity", palms and pomegranates signifying "the tree of life." This garden is conceived as a project-based learning environment - a living classroom open to all.