SFAQ Interview: A Living Library & Bonnie Ora Sherk’s Early Work Featured

SFAQ, an International Arts and Culture online and print Journal, features an Interview with Bonnie Ora Sherk by Terri Cohn  in the latest edition, published September 3.  Among many works discussed and shown, are A Living Library and Sitting Still l, both seen below

View the SFAQ Interview by Terri Cohn in its entirety here.

Another Interview with Bonnie Ora Sherk by Stephanie Smith is also featured in Feast,  published in 2013.

This featured page below on A Living Library, is also being published in Centerpoint Now, in conjunction with the United Nations Department of Information, in honor of the Opening of the General Assembly of the United Nations in New York, September, 2013.

ALL SFAQ PageSitting Still l, 1970.  In this early performance piece, the artist is seated in a found environment of garbage and water across from the construction site of the 101 Interchange at Army and Bayshore, facing the “audience”, comprised of people in slow-moving cars, due to the construction.


Considered now, by Bonnie Ora Sherk, to be her “Watershed Piece”, unbeknownst to her at the time, she was literally facing her future:  The actual site of what would become the pioneering, uban agriculture and art, Crossroads Community (the farm), which she founded and directed beginning in 1974, and the northern frame of the Islais Creek Watershed, which she is continually involved in  today.  She is also sitting in water from the Islais Creek, which she wants to daylight in diverse places in the Watershed, the largest in San Francisco.

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