Volunteers From Salesforce Plant California Natives In Bernal Heights Living Library Nature Walk In Holly Park

Two Volunteer Groups from Salesforce led by Jillian West and Dennis Won, joined Life Frames, Inc., Bonnie Ora Sherk, and SF Recreation & Park Department in Holly Park on May 2 and May 7, respectively, to prepare new planting beds, and plant California natives in Holly Park, as part of the Bernal Heights Living Library & Think Park Nature Walk.  Volunteers helped tremendously in developing the new native landscapes in the Park, and the Living Library Nature Walk is growing and blooming with gorgeous colors !


2-IMG_6420     3-IMG_6430

Volunteers planted all California Natives: Lavatera, Mimulus (Sticky Monkey), Yarrow, Douglas Iris, Penstemon, Romnya coulteri (Matilja Poppy), and other colorful natives.

4-IMG_6442     5-IMG_6443


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The Bernal Heights Living Library & Think Park Nature Walk links schools, parks, public housing, streets, and other open spaces leading to the currently hidden Islais Creek at the south side of St. Mary’s Park.  The Nature Walk is creating a new, expressive,  narrative landscape that is a prototype for what could be occurring throughout the whole Islais Creek Watershed, the largest in San Francisco, that interlinks eleven neighborhoods:  Noe Valley, Mission, Bernal Heights, Potrero Hill, Bayview, Portola, Crocker-Amazon, Excelsior, OMI, Sunnyside, Glen Park.

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More volunteer events are coming up !  If  you would like to participate, or would like more information about volunteer opportunities, please contact us: info@alivinglibrary.org


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