Students Learn And Enjoy Their Chinatown Living Library & Think Park In The Spring !

1-IMG_6284Please enjoy the beautiful Living Library Gardens in the Chinatown Branch Living Library & Think Park in the heart of San Francisco’s Chinatown at Gordon Lau Elementary School and Commodore Stockton Child Development Center A Living Library works with almost 500 students – PreK-5th Grade – per month year round at this Branch

Enjoy the beauty that the children help create and maintain while learning math, science, language arts, all the arts, history, health, nutrition, and youth leadership skills !!!

2-IMG_6276     3-IMG_6287

4-IMG_6277Companion Planting with vegetables and flowers in the Chinatown Branch Living Library & Think Park !

5-IMG_6278     6-IMG_6280

8-IMG_6283     7-IMG_6290

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