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  • Help us do more, with a contribution of your time. Graduate Students, Undergraduates & Others Are Invited To Participate In Unique Interdisciplinary  Programs With A Living Library For Credit and Community Service Opportunities, OR JUST PLAIN FUN! For more information click on the link below :
    Exciting Volunteer Opportunities with A Living Library !

 San Francisco, CA  415-206-9710,

 New York, NY  212-242-1700,


  • Horticulture, Urban Agriculture, Native & Fruit Tree Planting
  • Ecological Habitat Development
  • Focus on Local Watershed & Creek Environments
  • Help Develop Community Nature Walk
  • Rainwater Harvesting in Chinatown
  • Community Outreach
  • Teach Elementary, Middle, High School Students in Hands-on Transformation
  • Help With PR & Marketing
  • Help Write Proposals & Develop Budgets
  • Financial & Business Planning; Accounting
  • New Business Development
  • Urban Design Opportunities
  • Landscape Plans & Drawings
  • Develop Your Art & Technology Skills
  • International Relations; Global Branch Living Library & Think Parks
  • Multilingual Translation:  Spanish, Cantonese, Mandarin, Tagalog, etc.
  • Work On Website, eNews, & Other Interactive Technology Opportunities


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  • Help us do more, with a monetary contribution. A Living Library is sponsored by Life Frames, Inc., a non-profit corporation

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