A.L.L. Students Cook Foods of the Americas: Tortillas, Pupusas, Guacamole and More !

A.L.L. Students learn about nutrition and health for the soil, the plants, and people.  They also love and learn to cook delicious and nutritious food and learn new recipies !

Below is a beautiful cover made by a student for her A.L.L. Cookbook, and further below, are pictures of diverse multi-cultural lessons based on food, agriculture, and human culture.  Please enjoy as much as the participating middle-school and elementary schoolaged students did at the OMI/Excelsior Living Library & Think Park over the past few months !


Making Tortillas:

IMG_3184     IMG_3185

Harvesting Fresh Vegetbles and edible flowers from the A.L.L. Gardens to fill the tortillas !

tortilla square

Making Pupusas:

IMG_3224     IMG_3225

Filling Pupusas with healthy ingredients from the nearby Gardens !


A 7th Grade Social Studies Class from James Denman Middle School is learning about the Americas.  In their A.L.L. Class in the OMI/Excelsior Lower Garden, they learn about the contributions towards modern agriculture and foods that the native Aztec and Mayan Cultures made to modern life.  Then the students made Guacamole, Salsa, and Mexican Hot Chocolate.

Hmm; very delicious !!!  Everyone helped and enjoyed !!!

Ingredients-square     IMG_6133

IMG_6155     IMG_6178

IMG_6163     IMG_6198

IMG_6202     IMG_6214

Hands-on learning is fun and delicious !!!!  Talk, Think, & Do !  That is our motto in A Living Library !!!!

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