Befriending Some Beneficial Bugs In Outdoor Classes In OMI/ Excelsior Living Library & Think Park

Worms, Bees, Ladybugs, Spiders!

What used to make them jump and squeal, are not so terrifying. They’re actually our allies.

Denman Students learned that worms are tending the soil, bees are spreading pollen, and lady bugs are protecting our crops from the hungry aphids.

Meanwhile, the spinning spiders are watching over the gardens keeping the mosquitoes and flies at bay.

Students explored the garden searching for evidence of damage from hungry insects and pondered which animal may have caused the harm.  Then they discussed which animal may be mitigating the damage and protecting the plants. 

They also dug through dirt, discovering the underworld of worms, and watched how bees buzzed around spreading their love and pollen.

The young scientists developed a greater understanding of the garden ecosystem and the many creatures who protect and live off A Living Library.


Submitted by : 

Stefan Marti, A.L.L. Teacher & Garden Instructor

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