What is Your Favorite Activity in A Living Library Garden?

In Spring this year, during one of A Living Library classes with students from Junipero Serra Elementary School, we asked our young Eco-Stewards to write down their favorite activities in A Living Library garden. They came up with beautiful drawings, collages, and interesting replies. Here is a short compilation of what they like to do in the garden:

A.L.L._Student Replies

Christian loves watering the plants and flowers

A.L.L. Garden

Michael has a soft corner for worms!

Student Replies

Karolina likes to fix up the garden and pick up the trash

A.L.L. Student Replies

Learning about life of plants in A.L.L. garden

A.L.L.Student Drawing

Watering makes plants and Luis happy !

A.L.L. Student Drawings

Student Replies

Cooking at A.L.L. garden

Cooking with Ms Metzaali is fun !

Student Replies

A.L.L. Student Replies

Josaiah likes planting in garden

A.L.L. Student Replies

Kayla says “Wow” after watering the plants and flowers

Student Replies_A.L.L.

Learning about garden literacy and STEM

A.L.L. Student Replies

Finding garden spiders is fun too !

Gardening is an art !

Vanessa loves watering and green leaves !

These young Eco-Stewards surely know how to enjoy themselves while learning about science, gardening, ecology, nutrition, cooking, and creative arts at A Living Library gardens ! Watch this space for more updates from our ongoing summer planting sessions in San Francisco and New York.



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