MYEEP Youth Join A.L.L. for Summer Internships

Life Frames and A Living Library joined forces with SF Community Youth Center and MYEEP (Mayor's Office of Youth Employment) this summer to provide Green Skills Training Internships for twelve San Francisco high school students to work with us in our Branch Living Library & Think Parks in the OMI/Excelsior, Bernal Heights, and Chinatown, and also in conjunction with Recreation and Park Department, to help steward the California Native Trees planted thus far in the Bernal Heights Living Library Nature Walk in St. Mary's and Holly Parks.

The youth were fantastic, very smart, and fun to talk with while working together.  And, in addition to helping tremendously in all of the Branch Living Library sites, they served as excellent role models, as they assisted the younger children, with whom we also worked all summer at each Branch Living Library site. 

Much was accomplished, and everyone learned and had a great time.

See for yourself !

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