OMI/ Excelsior Living Library Presents Free Community Workshops on Organic and CA Native Gardening

OMI/ Excelsior Living Library & Think Park

Spend your summer afternoons enjoying free community workshops by A Living Library on organic and California native gardening in Lower Garden of OMI/ Excelsior Living Library & Think Park. Participate in A Living Library workshops on following dates:

  • Aug 03, 2019: Learn about organic gardening of vegetable, flower, herb, fruits, and California native plants; seasonal successional planting; 
  • Aug 24, 2019: Soil and compost; proper pruning; plant propagation; and organic integrated pest management.


For registration and more information about these workshops, please get in touch with A.L.L. Garden Instructor Marius Samso  ( 510-541-2594) or drop a mail to

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