Salesforce Volunteers Work With Students At The OMI/Excelsior Branch Living Library & Think Park !

1-IMG_3076A large group of Salesforce Volunteers led by Brian Lewis spent several hours in early Spring, working with students at the OMI/Excelsior Living Library & Think Park.  Much was accomplished to care for, and enhance, the Living Library Gardens !

2-IMG_3071     3-IMG_3083

4-IMG_3084     5-IMG_3085

The adults worked with the students to weed the Gardens, turn the compost, and also create multi-lingual signage for the diverse plants in the Upper & Lower Gardens !

6-IMG_3098     7-IMG_3106

8-IMG_3110     9-IMG_3111

10-IMG_3117     11-IMG_3119

12-IMG_3121     13-IMG_3125

14-IMG_3126     15-IMG_3128

Everyone had a great experience and the environment was beautified !!!


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