Teach Them Young ! A Living Library’s STEAM + Literacy Classes for K-12 Students in SF

Young people with caring adults create a more ecological environment in their school-yard, neighborhood, and community. Life Frames, Inc. & A Living Library’s┬áhave always been working towards teaching integrated hands-on knowledge to K-12 students about real-world challenges including climate change, sustainable development, flood mitigation, and rainwater harvesting.

A.L.L. STEAM + Literacy Classes for K-12 students in SF and NYC have been helping students gain practical knowledge on multiple subjects: math, science, history, economics, technology, languages, multi-arts, technology, youth leadership, health, nutrition, communications, amongst others. Here are a few pictures from A.L.L. STEAM + Literacy Classes across different schools in San Francisco:

LOwer Garden of OMI/Excelsior Living Library & Think Park

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