Creating our new NYC Roosevelt Island Living Library & Think Park Gardens !

We had another fantastic Volunteer Team from NYC Salesforce, led by Dan Purvis, work with us to develop our new Roosevelt Island Living Library & Think Park Gardens near 504 Main Street on Roosevelt Island on Wednesday, June 8.

I designed the Gardens, and RIOC and Urban America gave incredible help to manifest them.  We especially thank Steve Chironis and Doryne Isley, our brilliant supporters and co-creators ! And, of course the crew from RIOC who helped to dig it !

And, our own Living Library Instructor, Ms. Veronika and her cousin Alex accomplished great things in spite of the heat !  Also special thanks to friend and RI neighbor, Lydia Tang, for helping to bring all elements together !

There was a heat advisory in NYC, but we perservered, and we were able to carve out beautiful new Living Library Gardens !

Have a look at a few pics:






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