Roosevelt Island Branch Living Library & Think Park: Preparation & Planting On Roosevelt Island Day – June 21

Elementary School Students from Roosevelt Island learned science, math, and literacy, and about gardens and plants while preparing the garden beds of the Roosevelt Island Living Library & Think Park for the Annual Living Library Planting on Roosevelt Island Day, this year, held on June 21.

3-IMG_6622Students love to dig in the soil and find earthworms and other creatures !!

4-IMG_6624     5-IMG_6626



And they wrote about their experiences in their A.L.L. Journals…  .and then continued to dig in the earth !

10-IMG_6638      11-IMG_6639

14IMG_6649And, then came the planting on Roosevelt Island Day – June 21 by the community led by Bonnie Ora Sherk !   A great time was had by all and another beautiful Living Library Garden was created by the Roosevelt Island community !!!

ri day 14


ri2 day 14

IMG_6930   ri day4-14

IMG_6935   ri day5-2015

and watering newRI-ALLgarden2014

Stay tuned for updated pictures as the beautiful RI Living Library Garden grows !!!


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