Roosevelt Island Living Library & Think Park behind 504 Main Street: More Pictures and Slideshows !

Our  Roosevelt Island Living Library & Think Park behind 504 Main Street is growing !  This year the environment became a gorgeous and wonderful learning landscape and beautiful ecological place for the whole community.

We began again in the early Spring with the students from PS/IS 217 and the Beacon and prepared for Roosevelt Island Day on June 9.  RI Day was a huge success !

Thereafter we worked all summer and into the fall with children and youth.  Our new A.L.L. instructor, Susan Benarcik, is a dedicated teacher, artist, and gardener and worked with the children from 217, The Child School, and the Beacon during the school day, after school, and all summer in a robust program that included gardening, making beautiful painted canvas signs, and over-sized insects as artworks.  Neighbors too, dropped by and participated.

Do you think the children enjoyed themselves and learned some things ?

Please enjoy some pics below and let us know !

Also view links to Ms. Susan's slide show pictures of the children and the gardens over the seasons.  Scroll down to see slide shows.

Susan Benarcik has been our fabulous RI Living Library instructor, doing a wonderful job !  Thank you Ms. Susan !!!

Roosevelt Island Living Library & Think Park

May Pictures

June & July Pictures

August Pictures

September Pictures

October Pictures

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