PS 217 Students Help Develop Roosevelt Island Living Library & Think Park and Prepare for Roosevelt Island Day

It Was Very Rainy this Spring ! 

But, even so, the children braved the moisture, and all the Kindergarteners, First Graders, Third Graders, Fourth Graders, and Fifth Graders from PIS/IS 217 came outside and helped prepare the Roosevelt Island Living Library & Think Park behind 504 Main Street. 

This was done before Roosevelt Island Day, so on that special day, June 15th this year, the children and community could plant the Garden.  This has been done with A Living Library each year since 2002 on Roosevelt Island ! 

Another very auspicious accomplishment developed by the students of 217 for the whole community.IMG_1620

IMG_1630      IMG_1632

IMG_1634      IMG_1640

IMG_1643      IMG_1646

IMG_1647      IMG_1649

IMG_1653     IMG_1655



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