Healthy Hearts of February: Valentine’s Day Celebrated A Living Library Garden Style!


IMG_0736Love was in the air in the OMI/Excelsior and Bernal Heights Branch Living Library & Think Parks this February, and Valentine’s Day was not the only reason why.  IMG_0731

This month we took a fun turn towards learning of healthy hearts, as our A.L.L. Garden Instructors brought food choices and food fun to the garden table.  For two weeks, students from Kindergarten to 8th grade took part in a Juicing for Health Lesson that brightened up eyes and taste buds, with Hulk Green Juicing Machines !

Students of all ages worked together to categorize the foods we commonly eat, and that we know can, either support, or destroy, our bodily systems and balance. Students actively participated in acknowledging the health benefits of fruits and vegetables, and the health risks of diets, high in fats and sugars.  Did you know that a can of soda or a regular glass of fruit juice can contain up to 10tsp. of processed sugar?


  Expressions of “Yuck” were soon overcome, with looks of “Yum”, when our students started preparing fresh fruits and vegetables from the local grocery store, and seasonal edible plants from our Living Library Gardens. We added some super power from greens, such as chard, kale, dandelion, miner’s lettuce, and even sour grass, to our mixture, for an ever-changing, new, flavor of health. 

And, with this comes the great lesson of how each food choice can support, or hurt us, in different ways.  You probably knew that carrots provide carotene for stronger eyes and vision, but did you know that parsley has been found to contain anti-tumor fighting agents?

Through preparing meals, and creating art with colorful foods as the medium, students learn that healthy food is fun, and, Yes, we should play with our food at A Living Library!

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 Blog written by A Living Library Garden Instructor Courtney Calkins.     

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