From Weeds to Wonder: Bernal Heights Living Library & Think Park Garden is Transformed !

Our Bernal Heights Living Library & Think Park

Upper Garden at Junipero Serra Child Development Center has been transformed from Weeds to Wonder !  After major building construction at the site our original beautiful garden was devastated.

But, now, thanks to great help from students, parents & teams from Salesforce, this garden is being transformed!

In April, a team led by Lisa Jack with students led by A.L.L. instructors, laid out the new circulation system and pulled weeds ! And, then, they pulled more weeds; this went on for hours.

And, then yesterday, May 18, another Salesforce Team, led by Charmagne Peters, along with Junipero Serra Elementary PTA parents, our A.L.L. Instructors, and many students moved 3 tons of Napa Fieldstone and 13 cubic yards of rich compost, compliments of LYNGSO, and made beautiful new garden beds, based on the Master Plan I developed  !

We moved 3 tons of rocks !! We are ready to plant now !  Thank you everyone !!!

May 20, 2011 Blog Post

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