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Chinatown, San Francisco (2007-2016)

This project and our collaboration concluded in 2016 due to property changes following a school building renovation. The Chinatown Living Library and Think Park gardens no longer exist.

The Chinatown Living Library & Think Park in San Francisco was based at Commodore Stockton Child Development Center and Gordon Lau Elementary School, and served PreK-5th grade students.  The Branch Living Library & Think Park was launched in July 2007, and was funded by the Department of Children, Youth & Their Families (DCYF).  Life Frames, Inc. worked with the Principals of both schools to identify opportunities for lifting asphalt and concrete, and greening the shared campuses, adding diverse, ecological, Learning Zones

Chinatown before & after 1
Chinatown before & after 2
Chinatown before & after 3

In 2010, Life Frames, Inc. designed and installed Rainwater Harvesting Cisterns, Gardens & Mural in three languages (Chinese, English, Spanish), depicting two diverse demonstrations of rainwater collection and use, funded by SFPUC.

rainwater mural
Rainwater harvesting

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