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A.L.L. Classes – Join Us

It’s never too late or early to add green education to your life. Learn how to grow your own food, support native life, encourage bees, butterflies, hummingbirds and other pollinators while training for a growing Green Workforce.

A.L.L.  classes  offer individuals of all ages a way to reconnect and embrace nature. Most classes are held at the Roosevelt Island Branch. Contact China Bushell to find out more.


Monthly classes teaching NYC residents how to start a home garden and grow their own fruits and vegetables. Topics include: growing natives, using natural fertilizers, pruning, companion planting and harvesting.

Classes run Spring through Fall; classes will start in April 2024.


This year, 2024, we will focus on Monarch Butterflies, raising them, how to encourage egg laying and how to encourage their ongoing survival. We will host workshops to bring attention to the importance of attracting Monarch Butterflies, Bees, Hummingbirds and other pollinators to one’s garden and how to naturally develop your garden.

Vegetable & Me Classes

 4 separate classes to teach children all about vegetables: how to grow them and how to eat them. Classes start July 2024 and run through September 1024

  •  1st Class: ages 2 – 4/5 years old
  •  2nd Class: ages 5/6 to 8 years old
  •  3rd Class: ages 5 to 8, taught in Japanese
  •  4th Class: ages 5 to 8, taught in Korean


 Weekly Classes teaching

  •  Learning how to cook what you Harvest.
  •  Learning healthy cooking methods
  •  Understanding Nutrition and learning how to incorporate it

 Classes are hosted online between January and March


  •  Meditating in the Garden
  •  Practicing Yoga in the Garden

 Summer Classes offered for children and adults