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Education Services

What Life Frames, Inc. the non-profit sponsor of A.L.L. can provide to your school and community’s ecological transformation efforts:

  • Greening Master Plan Design incorporating local resources
  • Implementation & Stewardship Plan
  • Integrated, Hands-on, Standards-Based, Interdisciplinary Curricula Plan
  • Hands-on Implementation & Maintenance Involving Students & Community
  • Ongoing School and Community Programs
  • Provide one or more Living Library Instructors to work with students and community in hands-on, interdisciplinary, standards-based Living Library curricula during the school day, after school, summers
  • Connect you with Branch Living Library & Think Parks locally and globally and become part of emerging network
  • Help you leverage local financial resources and find additional funds to develop and maintain your unique Branch Living Library & Think Park
  • Horticultural services and landscape gardening design and landscape gardening services integrated with hands-on, interdisciplinary learning programs (PreK-16) at our Branch Living Library & Think Park sites.
  • We are available to develop a new Think Park in your community.